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Trinidad, W.I
Lady Young Road, Port of Spain.




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What is The Dealshaker?

The Dealshaker Story

The Story of the Dealshaker began in the month of February 2017. The parent company decided to beta test a Crypto e-commerce platform for the purpose of creating usability for the Onecoin. In so doing so an Entrepreneurial anomaly was created as thousands of merchants quickly gravitated to the platform. Onlelife’s goal is set to achieve 0ne million users over time.

The company has thus since celebrated it’s Anniversary of the Dealshaker in February 2018 and boasts a massive 60k merchants and individual sellers. The company is once again breaking records of growth and revenue at unprecedented levels of income.

One thing I can vouch for sure is that the platform is working dynamically and successfully forging ahead for generations to come!

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  • Crypto Currency eCommerce
  • Individual Sellers exposed to a worldwide market
  • Thousands of Entrepreneurs created
  • Over 60K Merchants thus far
  • A highly successful global business reach
  • Sell goods and services for Euros an Coins
  • Our experts will guide you every single step
  • Start today it is super easy
  • The Deal is out and I'm on board. Dealshaker you are amazing

    Jamal Ali Shah – I Am Onelife Creator and CEO

    Getting involved with Onelife was the best thing I ever did. I was able to correct my financial past and get right back on track to amassing generational wealth.

    The Dealshaker model is now giving me the power to create massive income from Worldwide Sales of Products and Services. I have certainly gone to the next level. Nothing else out there compares!

  • I firmly believe the Dealshaker is the way ahead!

    Imtiaz Mohammed – Dealshaker Specialist
    This opportunity is truly a Revelation in my life and my entire circle. It has transformed my Financial Thinking from a Futuristic point of view and has allowed me to help persons along the way. I believe that The Dealshaker Platform is the Key that will unlock the Future of Cryprtocurrency and Digital Bartering for generations to come. "DEALSHAKER SPECIALIST"
  • We are not going anywhere as long as Onelife Exists. I Am Onelife!

    Ivan and Michelle Mark – Foundation Members
    Onelife has changed our lives immensely. Something felt so right about the opportunity, took the gamble and ran like there was no tomorrow. Along the way we have made many friends whom we now are proud to call family .. Onelife Family! Our future is as brilliant as a Super Nova in the distant heavens. Onelife gave us a new lease on life. Thank you Onelife!
  • Suriname's Dynamic Power Couple is Making Waves Worldwide!

    Gordon and Sharon Stenhuijs – Diamonds are forever!
    Gordon and Sharon Stenhuijs are a Classy Tag Team Hit. The powerhouse couple pack a dynamic and powerful punch to the mix of things. Based out of the South American Country of Suriname, the tag team duo have made waves in transforming lives into a secure and tangible future. They have travelled the World sharing the Onelife Concept. They are truly passionate and extend themselves beyond the Call of duty! The couple is also responsible for the creation of the first Onelife Office in the region. Stay tuned as we bring you more highlights from Suriname!
  • Cliffe and Donna Samlalsingh are always up to the challenge!
    The Samlalsinghs joined the One Life Team at the end of July 2016. Cliffe’s experience carried him through banking and Credit Union Management while Donna’s was centered on teaching. A week into joining this business their only son was knocked over by a vehicle. The injuries were so severe that they could no longer concentrate on their new business, cryptocurrency for the next five (5) months and it was only in January of 2017 did they start to really take the message to the masses. To promote One Life Cliffe has become uncomfortable enough to cast aside his introverted nature to now engage in public presentations while Donna oversees the administrative aspect of their team’s business along with being a regular hostess at all of their public presentations. What keeps them going through the challenges and stepping out of character? Simple, “If you grasp Dr Ruja’s vision it now becomes people power”. The good Doctor did not have to allow us, a Third world Nation, to participate in such a grand gesture to the globe. We are just doing our bit to grow the community and vision as our way of saying ‘Thanks Dr Ruja’.

Caribbean Dealshaker Weekend

Gala Dinner

Join us in the celebration.

The Oneworld Foundation Gala Dinner is absolutely mesmerizing. Spend the evening with all the glitz and glamour. The Superstars of Onelife will make fro an unforgettable evening!


Experience an Expo with Merchants from across the Globe.

The Dealshaker has something for everyone. You won’t want to miss out!


Training, Testimonials, Strategies and getting you in shape for the next level.

The Mastermind Session is geared towards your enlightenment and engagement. Stay locked and informed!

Ivan Hitched By A Onecoin Benz. Journey to Bosnia

The World Will Take Notice

Eric Alvarez and Ivan Mark Live on Barbados Radio Station Live from Barbados. Posted by…

Welcome to the Caribbean where it is all about the Tropical Life Style! In the…

Eric Alvarez and Noel Live on Radio.. Dealshaker the order of things!

Meet our Organising Committee

Cordel King Jayms James

Diamond Onelife Top Leader
Mobile: 1-868-360-5623

Head of The Organizing Committee for The Caribbean Dealshaker Expo.

Entrepreneur and Network Marketer. Years of experience under this gentleman.

Kimrol Ali

Emerald Onelife Leader
Mobile: 1-868-784-2514

Organizing Committee for The Caribbean Dealshaker Expo.

Entrepreneur and Network Marketer. Kimrol has an uncanny knack for sales and has a wealth of experience in the field of Top Level Management.

Esther James

Event Organiser
Mobile: 1-868-706-4977

Organizing Committee for The Caribbean Dealshaker Expo.

Esther James is the main Event Planner for The Caribbean Dealshaker Expo. Esther has a wealth of experience and possesses a keen eye for detail.

Jamal Ali Shah

DJ/Webmaster, Onelife Top Leader
mobile: 1-868-681-4691

Organizing Committee for The Caribbean Dealshaker Expo.

Caribbean Dealshaker Expo Website Designer and Developer. Serial Entrepreneur and Dj Producer, Remixer with the passion for Progressive and Deep House Genres.

Join me at the EXPO as I set the Musical Landscape for the Event. Trust me to take care of you as I journey with you into a Euphoric State of Mind! Kj Jazz